Album 7

Writing has started

We Three Kings

A very Metal Christmas Carol

Deep Black Hole Outro Solo

Second solo from Deep Black Hole

Revelation Solo

Solo from the title track of the new album

Nothing's Changed Solo

Solo for the song Nothing's Changed

Scapegoat Solo

Solo for the song Scapegoat

Choose Your Own God Solo

Solo for the song Choose Your Own God

At The Gates Rhythm Guitar

Rhythm run through for At The Gates

At The Gates Solo

Solo for the song At The Gates.

Haunted Guitar Solo

Solo for the song Haunted from the Conspires To album Revelations coming out soon.

Keep The Faith End

Outro section from a song called Keep the Faith that will be on our next album Revelations, coming out soon.

Harbinger Solo

First guitar solo from the song Harbinger of War from the forthcoming album Afterlife.

Watch Me Rise Solo

Guitar solo from the song Watch Me Rise from the forthcoming album Afterlife.

Drop B Riff

New riff in drop B tuning that may make it onto album 5.

I am Destruction

Official music video. Song from the album 'Nebula'.

Trivium - Black

This is our cover of Trivium's Black from their album 'In Waves'.

Not the End

Main riff and chorus for this song from the 'Symbiosis' album.

Lost - Solo

Solo played in the neck position for 'Lost' from the 'Nebula' album.

Virus - Mid section

Here is the mid-section of 'Virus' from 'Symbiosis.

Too Close to Heaven - Music

A rough run through of 'Too Close to Heaven' from 'Symbiosis.