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We are a two piece metal outfit from Dereham in Norfolk, comprising of Wayne Stokes who undertakes all of the vocal duties, and Lee Macey who takes care of all the music, plus the studio work. Formed in 2009, we spent the first year and a half honing their unique sound which manifested itself on our first album 'Redemption' which was released in May 2011. A full on metal affair, blending fast, heavy riffs with soaring atmospherics, and in your face vocals coupled with big melodies, drawing influences from Kill Switch Engage, Devin Townsend and Atreyu.

Hot on the heals of our first album, we dived straight into their next recording, a full on concept album about a deadly virus wiping out most of humanity. Symbiosis was released in October 2012 and continues in a similar vein, but stretches the boundaries a bit more this time around, with heavy sections getting heavier and the lighter more melodic sections adding acoustic guitars, and piano.

In 2012 we were lucky enough to be approached by John's Rock Show initially on Birmingham City Radio, and we provided a number of track for them to play. We are now receiving regular air play, and were the first band to achieve the number one status on their unsigned rock chart show, closely followed by two further number ones, all with different tracks.

In 2013 the writing continued at the same blistering pace, with not one but two, albums under construction. Although being written in parallel, the heavier of the two named "Nebula" was completed first and surfaced in December. This follows on in the style of Symbiosis, but with a slightly more atmospheric, but edgy feel, and lyrically tackles religion and the universe. Then there is the mellower side to the band coming out, with predominantly acoustic songs that cover far more emotional aspects of life, with a tinge of the paranormal thrown in. This forth album will be entitled "Heartland" and writing and recording is progressing well, and this album is expected to be release sometime before May 2014.

So what's next.....album number 5! This will be stripped back to guitars, bass, drums and vox only, and will be as heavy as hell. Around 20 riffs have already been assembled, and you can expect this to also see the light of day in 2014.....then there is number 6......