Track List

  1. The Sermon

  2. Tempest

  3. Choose Your Own God

  4. Nothing's Changed

  5. All Because of You

  6. Scapegoat

  7. Haunted

  8. Deep Black Hole

  9. At The Gates

  10. State of Grace

  11. Keep The Faith

  12. Revelation


Religion polarizes opinions, provides comfort, creates monsters, and divides nations. All aspects are captured here. But listen and interpret as you wish, this is merely a collection of observations the no hidden agenda. Devote, agnostic or atheist read into this what you will, but you can't deny truth, whatever you choose that to be.

All vocals - Wayne Stokes

All music - Lee Macey

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Track List

  1. Betrayal

  2. Watch Me Rise

  3. Chaos Theory

  4. Afterlife

  5. The Connection

  6. Shout it Out

  7. Your Accusation

  8. I Can't Live

  9. Nothing To Me

  10. Scar The Bone

  11. Harbinger of War

  12. When Will This Darkness End


The difficult 5th album! Might have been a long while in writing and recording, but it was worth it. A collection of songs touching of themes such as love, loss, war and of course the afterlife! This is probably the most straight ahead metal album from Conspires To... so far, stripped down to just guitars, drums, bass and vocals, and relying on big riffs, big vocals and searing lead breaks, this is their most crushing offering yet.

All vocals - Wayne Stokes

All music - Lee Macey

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Track List

  1. Cold

  2. Pretend

  3. Heartland

  4. Gives Me Away

  5. Low

  6. See the Light

  7. Free

  8. The World Tried to Cry

  9. Woman

  10. Still Life

  11. The River

  12. Ghostly Shores

  13. Two More Days

  14. Reflection


Songs about love and life. This is a real departure, and a totally different direction from the first three albums. All the songs are either acoustic or clean guitar, with piano, strings and flute thrown into the mix, drawing influences from the blues, folk, classical, and country. Most of the songs were written during the recording of Symbiosis and Nebula as acoustic guitar pieces knocked together as Wayne was recording vocals. Having almost an albums worth of tracks we thought we'd challenge ourselves, and see what we could do with them. This is the result!

All vocals - Wayne Stokes

All music - Lee Macey

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NEBULA (2013)

Track List

  1. Across the Sky

  2. Divine

  3. Nebula

  4. Red Mist

  5. Taking My Time

  6. The Flood

  7. Face the Truth

  8. Lost

  9. Black Mass

  10. I am Destruction

  11. And on the 8th Day

  12. Blood of the Angels


The third album took a turn towards the heavier end of things, a lot of the songs featuring 8 string, or down tuned guitars. The pace was also picked up, with more double-kick orientated drums, however still retaining all the 'Conspires To' hallmark sounds. Vocally this holds some of the best performances to date , with Wayne really honing his skills in multi-layering and harmonies. Lyrically the songs cover broad range of topics, from the universe to religion to war.

All vocals - Wayne Stokes

All music - Lee Macey

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Track List

  1. Symbiosis

  2. Too Close to Heaven

  3. Dresden

  4. Virus

  5. Dead Planet

  6. Alive

  7. Left Behind

  8. City of Ghosts

  9. Diablo

  10. Phoenix from the Waves

  11. Forsaken

  12. Home

  13. Not the End


The second album was far more focused, and could be described as a concept album, as there is a strong story line that weaves it's way through the songs. The story depicts a group of scientists who are celebrating a discovery that would see an end to all known illnesses. However this so called cure soon mutates into a super virus, that following a breakout wipes out most of the worlds population. There are a few survivors who regroup and try to reboot civilisation.

The songs are shorter at the previous release and more riff based, however the trade mark layering and vocal style remains.

All vocals - Wayne Stokes

All music - Lee Macey

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Track List

  1. Desire

  2. Desolation

  3. The Path to Redemption

  4. Falling Down

  5. Voice in the Storm

  6. Allegiance

  7. Soul Destroyer

  8. Death or Dishonour

  9. From the Deep

  10. Kill the King

  11. New Born Day


The first album was the start of the musical collaboration between Lee Macey and Wayne Stokes. Recorded between September 2009 and May 2011, with the exception of 'Desolation' all the songs were written through this time period. With no real pre-conceived ideas (other than it would be heavy), work commenced. The song 'The Path to Redemption' was the turning point, and set the template for the rest of the album, with there being a focus on multi-layered vocals and guitars, and lush keyboards to fill out the sound.

All vocals - Wayne Stokes

All music - Lee Macey

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The Devil Cried

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen


The Sentinel

Track List

  1. Black - Trivium

  2. The Devil Cried - Black Sabbath

  3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Traditional

  4. Bulldozer - Machinehead

  5. The Sentinel - Judas Priest


Every now and again we fancy recording a cover version of something we are into at the time, this is usually just before embarking on a new album to get us back into the swing of things. It's really useful for trying to get the right sound (a life's journey) in the mix, or simply to get us thinking in different ways. We enjoy them any way, hope you do too.

All vocals - Wayne Stokes

All music - Lee Macey